Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the products that we keep in inventory.

We select manufacturers who offer high quality products and great service.  We want to take good care of our customers and carefully select our inventory according to who will support us and you!

We have bows to fit any size archer, children and adult. We offer bows for recreation, hunting and tournament oriented archers as well as a variety of crossbows.


Hoyt  *  Mathews  *  BowTech  *  PSE  *  Mission  *  Bear *  Prime  

  Ravin  *  TenPoint  *  Wicked Ridge   *   Excalibur

As well as a variety of recreational recurve and longbows

Pelkey's Archery Bow Purchase Package

When you purchase a bow from Pelkey's Archery, you're buying mroe than equipment.  Your decision to buy top quality products and receive professional service is rewarded with the following services FREE of charge!

* Professional bow set up, customized to fit to you ($45 value)

* USA Archery Certified instruction to get you strarted in the range ($35 value)

* Five hours of shooting time - indoor & outdoor ranges ($50 value)

* Paper tuning service ($25 value)

* Chronograph testing ($5 value)

* Pelkey's Archery t-shirt ($15 value)

* Lifetime tune-ups and service (???)

 * TOTAL VALUE ($175++)

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